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Spanish speaking practice - Audio lessons

You only need to master 138 words to say 1000s of Spanish sentences. Use these audio lessons to take your Synergy Spanish to a new level and create fluent Spanish speech.

Want to get serious about Speaking Spanish?
All you need to do is practice

These lessons guide you step by step to create real Spanish sentences. You will be amazed how easy it is to start speaking Spanish. All you have to do is download the lessons and press play

Please note; Owners of Synergy Spanish have access to the entire Listening Room with 68 audio lessons like the ones on this page.

Here are your Synergy Spanish Audio Lessons in MP3

"How to Speak Spanish Confidently, Clearly and Instantly."

These MP3 audios show you how use the Spanish you learn in the E-Book "Synergy Spanish" so you can speak real Spanish in real sentences. You only need to master 138 words and you will be able to make 1000's of Spanish sentences that you can use in business, social or holiday settings or just about any of your Spanish adventures..

They are by Marcus Santamaria and Elena Chagoya and each one is around 12 minutes.

Discover how easy it is to start speaking Spanish clearly. Save these audio lessons to your hard drive by clicking on your RIGHT mouse button and using the "Save Target As" feature. These presentations should begin downloading and then open right away. If you are have any trouble downloading please email me:

[email protected] I will respond quickly.

Please note; If you know how to unzip files and have a good fast internet connection click here. You will be able to download the equivalent of 1 CD in a single download. If you have a slower connection use the following individual lesson downloads.

Click here if you need more detailed download instructions

Download - Audio Lesson 101

Play Synergy Spanish lesson 101 on your computer

Download - Audio Lesson 201

Play Synergy Spanish lesson 201 on your computer

Download - Audio Lesson 202

Play Synergy Spanish lesson 202 on your computer

Download - Audio Lesson 301

Play Synergy Spanish lesson 301 on your computer

Download - Audio Lesson 302

Play Synergy Spanish lesson 302 on your computer

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Download a CD worth of audio in one

"The download is around 15 megabytes"

Faster downloading and more convenience if you want to burn these lessons onto a CD. Each download is the equivalent of a CD worth of audio. You are welcome to burn them onto CD. play them in your car or wherever you have downtime. Turn you free time into a brand new skill in your life.

Download Synergy Spanish CD 1 - Audio Lesson 101-302

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Download Instructions For Audio

Downloading and saving your Spanish Audio lessons to your hard drive is easy. Just follow the simple directions below:

Downloading Spanish Audio Lessons

First set up your computer

  1. Open my documents on your computer
  2. Click on file
  3. Put you mouse on new
  4. A new menu will appear click on folder
  5. Write Spanish Audio in the box under the folder
If the writing doesn't appear open my documents right click on the new folder and click rename and rename the folder Spanish Audio.

Now the download

  1. Right click on the lessons above you want to download
  2. When the menu appears click on "save target as"
  3. A box should appear titled "file download"
  4. 10-20 seconds later a second box should open that says- save as
  5. In the save as box at the top you will see - save in - click on the arrow
  6. Click on my documents
  7. Click on the folder you made that says "Spanish Audio"
  8. Click save
  9. Repeat for each audio you wish to save
This will save the audio lesson on your computer and it will be easy for you to find. Just go to my documents and open the Spanish Audio folder then click on the icon of the book to open the book.

While downloading the Audios, please be patient. The lessons can take several minutes to download depending on the speed of your Internet connection.

If you are having any trouble downloading please email: [email protected]

I will respond quickly.


Marcus Santamaria
Author Synergy Spanish

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