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If you have followed my work, you will know I am not a fan of thematic word lists.

Thematic lists are about the easiest way to write a language book. The problem is they just don't work very well.

What´s Wrong With Thematic Word Lists?

Two things.

First, you learn a lot of words that you will almost never use.

What beginner needs to know the word for the plughole in the kitchen or the file in the tool shed?

Second, books with thematic word lists nearly always fill them with nouns. Again it is an easy way to write Spanish books but........

You Can Say Much More With Spanish If You…

Add just a few carefully selected verbs and adjectives and some simple Spanish patterns.

With a little effort you will be able to say thousands of Spanish sentences. In fact you can say almost anything you want with less effort than it takes you to memorize a word list.

Whether it´s Spanish for your vacation or....
  • to relate better to your workers

  • to succeed in business

  • to make friends with native Spanish speakers

It doesn´t matter where you use the Spanish because

The simple patterns work for every type of Spanish. Once you know the patterns you just....

Add The Most Important Spanish Words And Start Talking.

That´s what you can do right now.

Plug in some common Christmas vocabulary into the 4 sample chapters from Synergy Spanish and start making authentic Spanish right away.

Real Spanish - that everyone will understand

Impressive Spanish - even native speakers will compliment you.

Useful Spanish - that works every time to communicate in Spanish.

Start Talking About Christmas in Complete Spanish Today.

You´ll get the most out of the Christmas audio if you completed the Synergy Spanish Test Drive audio lessons...

Feliz Navidad

Marcus Santamaria
Author, Synergy Spanish
and Shortcut to Spanish

25 Easy Steps to Saying What You Want to Say in Spanish

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